Wednesday, July 1

shingled and ready to mingle..

So..I still haven't fully recovered from gable-gate, but there have been some good distractions going on at the house to keep me happy.

We have more paint!  The back and sides of the house have been painted except for the highest points.

More paint on the front as well.  Anywhere that has exposed house-wrap still showing will be covered with stone (except for the janky gable).

The biggest development (and one of the harder ones to document)...
We have shingles!  The roofers were working on June 26, 2015 even during a summer storm.

I always make friends with the workers.  They probably think I'm loco taking all these pictures and waving and clapping excitedly all the time. But hey, at least I'm entertaining!

I wanted to yell at them to "please be careful" or "please don't die" as the skies grew more gray and a few lightening bolts leapt through the air.

I headed home that day, but was hopeful the roof would be closer to finished soon enough.

And it was!!
Ooh!  Ahh!  Look at those lovely shingles! Isn't it marvelous!

I still haven't tested for waterproof-ness, but I plan on spending some time in the house during our next monsoon to see how things hold up.  For now, everything seems nice and dry.. and ready for the next step!

Another coat of paint and a fully-finished roof! - days 159-163 of our build.


Anthony Marshall said...

The house is looking great Eva!

Eva Shears said...

Thank you, Anthony! We're excited to have it finished.. eventually!!