Sunday, July 12

not a drywall in the house..

Actually.. no.. lots of drywall in the house!  It's Wednesday, July 8th, and we have walls!  I have to admit, walking in it was really weird to not see through the studs across the house.  Instead we have actual rooms.. with actual walls..

The garage still seems pretty big,

But my laundry room seems much smaller now that it's not open to five other spaces.
 Not to complain, I think it will be a perfect fit for my washer and dryer and still have room to spare.

 Looking through the kitchen to the breakfast nook, it's cool to see how the space is going to be laid out.  Especially when I see how much natural light comes in through the windows.
 I am just smitten with the way the living room and deck are coming together.  I can imagine lots of fun times in this space.
 I've always wanted a formal dining room, and I think once the remaining drywall is cut from the windows, this space will be flooded with light as well.
 Hard to tell, but this is a shot of the high ceilings in the entry and the alcove by my office.
 Looking from the front door through to the kitchen and living room.
 A shot of the entryway and dining room from the porch.
There's still some work to be done in the dining room, and my island  will need to be drywalled as well.
But oh, how I love the ceiling in our master bedroom.  I am smitten.

Drywall continues -  day 172 of our build

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