Wednesday, July 22

a muddy dusty mess...

The past few days at the house can be summed up in a few words.

Let's tour, shall we?
The basement is nice and mudded.  We are so glad that we opened up the wall down there.  It makes the space feel much more airy.

The game room with one of the best views of the house.  Hello, trees!

We had a bit of a snafu earlier with the stairs, but now I love the way they turned out.  I think it's a nice detail for the space.

Now that this is walled in, it's kinda scary at night with no lights.  Like the stairs of DOOM!

On July 13th, our master still didn't have all the drywall installed.

But at least the ceiling is pretty!

And here we see our current decor theme of buckets and scaffolding...

Looking from the dining room across to the living room.

Mud, wires, plumbing, buckets, and scaffolding.. what else could a girl ask for?

The garage, I think.  They all start to look alike right now.
Finally on July 15, we have drywall in the master.  Not sure of the reason for the delay, but I'm glad it's done!

Look ma, no more visible insulation!

I look forward to many lazy mornings spent in here.  And maybe without the dumpster in the yard...

Drywall continues -  days 177 - 179 of our build.

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