Friday, March 27

house mei fun

Our closing on the house has come and gone, we've been moved for about a month now.  But I want to back track a bit so that down the line I can remember what it felt like to leave our first home.. and be homeless for a while.  This whole process has really helped me to appreciate home and the pride and comfort of having a place to call "our own."  Let's rewind back to February 23rd.. a Sunday.

The cats were not very helpful when it came to packing.  However, boxes and paper = best toys ever for the kittens.
I spent all weekend packing up everything.. and I mean EVERYTHING but the clothes we were currently wearing, our sheets, basic toiletries, and clothes for the next day.  Think of it like packing for vacation -  but in reverse.  Instead of packing for the next few days.. you're packing everything BUT what you need for the next few days.

Those last few boxes.. I just gave up on organization.  This is where Adam would come in with his black garbage back technique.  I mean.. I'm not even sure what went in boxes together.  I dread unpacking those.
The boxes going to our "studio."

I remember the triumph of having JUST enough boxes for everything.  We bought boxes from UHAUL (worth every penny) and I think I only had one extra that ended up being filled the next day.

Why did we chose to move on a Monday?  Well.. it worked better with the Man's schedule and it gave me the weekend to finish packing those last few THOUSAND boxes.

Not really.. maybe 20 boxes?  15? There were more on the other side of the room, I promise.

I spent some time just walking around the house.. trying to remember what it looked like before we moved it.  Imagining what the new homeowner would love and hate about the house.  And remembering all the stories behind different improvements.

Like the garage door we replaced after a windstorm. "How does metal just bend like that?  I mean, it's metal!"

Or the navy walls in the master bedroom "Never again.  I am never PAINTING again.  Ever."

Or the teal walls in my office "I mean it this time.. I am NEVER painting again.  Ever.  Who does this?  Who thinks this is fun? I hate this stupid angle-y room."

Watching the cats slip and slide on the hardwood floors, after being used to carpet for so long.

Fussing with my Dad about the black cabinets he thought would look too dark.  And his concession that they did, in fact, look "pretty good."
A shot of Adam's beloved fridge and the arch my Dad built for our cabinets.  It had to be "just so" for me and he made it perfect.   Side note -  I still think the black cabinets were the best fix for our beige laminate befores.

We have so many memories in this home.  I am still sad to leave it.. and we've been moved for over a month now.  But back to the story at hand...

After I cried, and laughed (to myself) while walking through the house, it was time for Adam to get home.  We had plans for dinner.. finishing things off like we started them.. with Chinese takeout.
Adam loves MK's Kitchen so much, she's right below his parents on his speed dial.  Seriously.
Our first meal when we moved in was MK's takeout -  sitting in our folding stadium chairs in the middle of the freezing cold living room.  We decided, Why not? We'll keep the tradition going.  We enjoyed the evening -  this time sitting on our comfy sofa and with the heat running.  As antsy as we were, it was late and we needed to get some rest.  
The next day was Moving Day!