Wednesday, July 8

omg...look up!

I just love it when new things are delivered to our lot.. and to the correct lot (we've had some mix ups between our house and the neighbors, to say the least).  Monday, July 6th -  the delivery was drywall.

Lots and lots of drywall!

There were stacks like this in almost every room. 

Beginning Tuesday, we saw some installation - we have ceilings!

Looking into the kitchen and seeing all those holes for can lights was exciting.

It's so different now that we can't see all the way to the rafters.

I am loving the high ceilings in the living room.
The tray in the dining room was finished-ish.
The tray in the master is starting to take shape.

They have a lot of work ahead of them, but it's so nice to see our house looking more like a house every day.

I'm just counting down the days until we can call it home.

Drywall delivery - days 170 & 171 of our build

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