Monday, July 13

gable-gate: resolved

After work on Thursday, July 9th -  we stopped by the lot and got a great surprise!  The gable has been painted!

It's right this time.. the right size and finally looks cohesive with the rest of the house.

 The window trim needs to be cleaned up, but the painter was still working so I'm sure it will be perfect soon.

 If you look inside the garage, you can see they've started mudding the drywall.
It already looks so much more finished!

 I can't wait to see the trim in here and once again -  the sunlight in here is amazing!
The base of the island is finished too. I'm so excited to see the cabinetry in here.

I'm still not sure how the post in the center of the room will be finished out.. maybe with trim?

Hopefully we'll see some paint in here soon.. I hope the color turns out well.

More drywall is complete -  day 173 of our build.

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