Sunday, July 5

it smells like...

On June 30, 2015, as Adam and I walked up to the house.. we noticed a big change.

We have insulation!

Then we noticed something else.. a unique smell..

I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, but Adam confirmed it.

The dang insulation made our house smell like cotton candy!

Weird as it sounds.. but I swear it.

Talk about hazardous.. fluffy, light, sweet smelling...

..itchy, toxic fiberglass.

At least I'm assuming it's fiberglass.  

Doesn't much matter.. we could tell the difference in temperature already.  And that is the main point in all this, right?

Now... to find me some cotton candy...

Insulation installed -  day 164 of our build

Friday, July 3

when you wish upon a star...

A little "when you wish upon a star.." moment for you.

After seeing the house and the icky unfinished gable just gloating at me.. I reverted back to our Disney honeymoon and decided to make a little wish on a star that night..

[Not really.. closer to the truth would be that I, while trolling the Pinterest app for Halloween decor ideas, muttered to Adam, who was reading tech news or playing a game on his phone, that "I hope to hell the gable is at least covered with hardi-board before the 4th of July weekend".]

Let's go back to wishing on a star.. much more romantic and poetic.

Star light, star bright
First star I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might
See the gable of my dreams at first light..
or afternoon, or tomorrow.. hell, as long as it's before July 4th I'm happy!

Tahhhh! Dahhhhhh!!

No paint yet, but isn't she lovely? 

Ah... much better..

Still waiting on caulking and paint, but so much better than the pieced-together before.

It's almost as if the construction workers borrowed some of Tinkerbell's pixie dust.

Just magical.

Our new gable has siding -  day 164 of our build

Wednesday, July 1

shingled and ready to mingle..

So..I still haven't fully recovered from gable-gate, but there have been some good distractions going on at the house to keep me happy.

We have more paint!  The back and sides of the house have been painted except for the highest points.

More paint on the front as well.  Anywhere that has exposed house-wrap still showing will be covered with stone (except for the janky gable).

The biggest development (and one of the harder ones to document)...
We have shingles!  The roofers were working on June 26, 2015 even during a summer storm.

I always make friends with the workers.  They probably think I'm loco taking all these pictures and waving and clapping excitedly all the time. But hey, at least I'm entertaining!

I wanted to yell at them to "please be careful" or "please don't die" as the skies grew more gray and a few lightening bolts leapt through the air.

I headed home that day, but was hopeful the roof would be closer to finished soon enough.

And it was!!
Ooh!  Ahh!  Look at those lovely shingles! Isn't it marvelous!

I still haven't tested for waterproof-ness, but I plan on spending some time in the house during our next monsoon to see how things hold up.  For now, everything seems nice and dry.. and ready for the next step!

Another coat of paint and a fully-finished roof! - days 159-163 of our build.

Tuesday, June 30


In my previous post, I talked about how we had some paint on the exterior.  When we finally had some color on the walls.. I noticed something scary.  I don't know why I didn't see it before.  I guess it took seeing the contrast of the paint against the window and trim for it to click.

Our main gable is the wrong size.  It's the wrong scale. It's supposed to look like this:

Instead, it looked like this:

Can you see the difference?  Once I saw it, I couldn't un-see it.  It drove me crazy.
I freaked out a bit.  This was BIG.

I pulled up pictures of both.  Side by side.. one on my phone, one on my tablet.  

Yup.  Things were wrong.  Very wrong. 

I noticed it, but I was worried I hadn't caught it in time.   And then it hit me, Adam doesn't know.  He hasn't caught it yet... 




..and I have to be the one to tell him. 

Now keep in mind, that at this point in our build.. we're both pretty tired.  We're really close to just being over the whole process.  We're tired of not having our own place.  We're tired of not having a kitchen, a bedroom, a space for the kittens to romp and play.  We're tired of it taking so long.

How did I not see that!?!
We've been on and off overjoyed and extremely frustrated with our build process.  And this was one of those frustrated weeks before Gable-gate ever happened.  

There had been points recently where we had even explored leaving this house behind, and looking for something already built.  We had a few contenders selected.  But we never walked away...

Needless to say, I was not looking forward to telling my sweet, kind, and "living with his mother-in-law for over 4 months"  husband that they had messed up the whole front of our house.
Clear as day!  And I still missed it!
So I, like the grown-ass woman I am, completely avoided talking to him about it for a day.. I texted our Realtor first.  Then I called her.  Then about 10 emails back and forth between her and the builder and me.  And they said they'd fix it, at no cost to us.

Damn right -  at no cost to us! WE didn't mess it up.  And they didn't even realize anything was wrong!

Our builder promised that our timeline wouldn't be affected.  I hoped it wouldn't, but we still have a ways to go..

I told Adam before dinner that night.  He took it way better than I did.  I think I was the angrier out of the two of us, and that's pretty rare.  He reminded me that he knew there was no way I would be willing to walk away from this house.. and for now, we just have to deal with the delays and be as patient as possible.

The next day, June 24, 2015,  it was patched.  It's still not perfect.. and not exactly right.

But I think it'll be okay.  I still obsess over it a bit, and will until it's completely finished and I can forget that this debacle ever happened.

Part of my obsession - I had MSPaint do a number on the front to make sure I'd be okay with the slight difference in slope.  Seeing it all one color helped.
I never claimed to be an artiste..

For now, the proportions are better.  And once they replace the hardi siding and the soffitts, I doubt anyone (but my beloved blog readers) would ever know anything was wrong.

Photobombing dumpster!

Until it's all one color and looking lovely.. I think I'll keep hearing a little bit of Whitney Houston in my head..
"It's not right, but it's okay."

For your listening and 90's throwback pleasure, I present.. Ms. Houston.

Now if we could just pack our bags, and up and leave into the new house.. which I am still loving, imperfect gable and all..

As everyone told us at our wedding (when the fire broke out and almost burned down a historic building).. "at least it'll be a good story."  This one isn't as dramatic, but it does make our building experience that much more memorable.

Making memories with Gable-Gate 2015 - days 156-158 of our build 

Saturday, June 27

like the civil war....

I feel like our exterior paint color is like a battle of the Civil War.. sometimes gray is in the lead, sometimes blue..

Based on the bright afternoon sun, the eventual turnout is the same.  Blue wins.

On June 22nd, they did some painting at the house. I was excited to see the exterior color on something more than just a swatch.  I was surprised however, when I saw how blue things turned out.
A painted gable and a spot on the front porch- very navy/cobalt.

Still, as expected -  the colors change with the light..
A little later in the day and we're seeing more gray tones. 

I think we'll be happy with it.  Adam and I both love blue and gray and I think it'll be a nice contrast to the other homes in the neighborhood.  Also, I think the light trim will help everything pop... now to see what the door color looks like.

Oh!  And do you see what I see?
Pallets of shingles behind our trash pile.  Finally, we might actually be getting a roof!

Shingles and a slathering of paint -  156 days into our build.

Wednesday, June 24

stairs and a sunset...

There isn't much going on at the lot other than wiring right now.  They still haven't finished running the electrical, but we keep checking every day to see if our punch list is taken care of.  It's June 19th and things are slow going again.

One of the many crazy bundles of wire.

I mentioned before that we had to make some changes to the stairs.  They were too steep and didn't pass code.  Our new stairs are finally framed in and are much easier, and safer, to navigate.

I like the addition of the small landing and the turned stairs add a nice detail.  We lost a little wall space and some floor space, but I think we'll be able to work it out.

The new landing blocks the original door into the workshop/storage area, so they added a new door into that space (to the left of the stairs in this picture.)

At this point, the siding is being caulked and prepped for paint.  Electrical is still not finished, and I think the plumbing is finally ready for inspection.  I'm antsy for a roof.. but we'll see what happens next.

In the meantime, let's enjoy another summer sunset.

Stairs, wiring, and sunset -  153 days into our build.

Tuesday, June 23

150 days in...

Adam and I had been talking about building for a while.  It started off as daydreaming, then eventually became a reality.  

We thought long and hard about building -  trying to decide if it was right for us.  We knew how picky we could both be, and after touring homes far above our price point and only finding one or two we liked.. we knew that to get exactly what we wanted - we'd probably need to build.

In a conversation with our Realtor today, about an issue with the house (more on that later), she told me to remember why we decided to build.  She reminded me to think about how perfect things will be when we move in.

As we face yet another setback in our timeline.  As we take a few steps back and away from move in day.  And as we continue to test our patience.. I have to remind myself of how far we've come from that wooded lot.  I have to remind myself that one day it will be finished; it will be perfect.

I have to remind myself that this is our home, the one we chose, and another day or week or month of waiting is just a blip when compared to the next twenty years.

Be patient.  Trust.  It will be worth it.

Progress so far - 150 days into our build on June 16, 2015.