Saturday, July 18

rendered speechless..

On July 6th, I received a very exciting email from our builder.  
He was sending over the renderings for our cabinets for final approval before they went to be constructed. 
(Granted, he did send the wrong draft to us first (typical).. but that was remedied later that day.)

Needless to say, the simple line drawings left me giddy. Like squealing and clapping giddy.
Thankfully Adam didn't find me to be too obnoxious.

This is our "feature" wall - where we'll have the range hood, back splash, and cooktop.  I am already in lurve with those massive drawers beneath the cooktop!

This wall will house my double oven and our fridge.  Note the tiny drawer below the oven that will be perfect for cookie sheets!  I can not wait to bake in this kitchen!

The island will have the dishwasher, pull-out trash, and granite sink.  

I know it doesn't seem like a ton of storage, but I have a pretty good sized pantry that I plan on keeping most of our kitchen items in.

Plus, at the whopping height of 4'11" -  I can really only use part of the cabinets anyway.

And yes, I will be investing in a step stool to help me reach a little further.  I'm currently drooling over this one on Amazon. It makes me think of my book-hunting days as a young nerd in the library.

Isn't it a cutie?

So, let me ask, dear readers... what do you store in the very tippy top cabinets of your kitchen? How do you reach?

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