Monday, July 6

it was a good day...

I don't know if the stars just aligned, or if we caught the timing just right.. but June 30, 2015 was a good day at the lot.

We haven't had too many days where there was just a ton of progress.. especially not recently. 

But our builders stepped it up in celebration of the last day of June, and our hopeful "2 months to go!" mark.

They added siding to our janky gable:

They installed cotton candy insulation:


Yes, there's more!

AND they started working on our back porch!

Love the view SO much!

Looks a little dangerous right now..

But it's a start!

Here's to many more productive days.. we're desperately hoping to close at the end of August.  
Let's keep up the pace, guys!

Siding, Insulation, AND a porch -  day 164 of our build

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