Wednesday, July 29

just a-door-able...

I was disappointed when I toured the house on July 17th, until I took a moment to look down. 

Markings on the floors mean we're prepping for doors!

It's hard to see through all the drywall dust, but the doors and their swing were marked through most of the house.

Three days later (yes.. this pace for progress is killing me.  I have no idea how they plan to be finished by our tentative closing date.) we have doors delivered!

 Massive double closet doors for our guest bedroom

And plenty of doors and trim just waiting to be installed.

Adam and I are growing increasingly antsy to move in, and time spent in our studio is feeling more and more cramped.  Over the weekend (between door marking and delivery) the heat was just too much to take.  Our little portable air conditioner in the studio could not keep up.  It was too hot, we were fussy, and needed to get out of the house.

Thankfully we aren't too far from a little waterfront dining...

We drove up to Lake Martin to spend the evening and enjoyed the lake and sunset while waiting for our table to be ready.

I think it cured some of our anxiety and make a great little escape for the night.

Doors are delivered and things are moving slow - days 181 - 184 of our build

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