Tuesday, July 7

the man was right all along...

Our last house had a patio.. I guess you could call it that.  It was a concrete slab that was vulnerable to the elements. Heat, direct sun, no shelter from the rain, and no privacy. "Why hello neighbors! Oh yes, my hair does always look a mess!"  

The concrete was cracking and it was almost always covered in leaves.  Our poor grill.. it almost rolled down into the neighbors yard during a bad storm.  It just wasn't very hospitable or enjoyable to sit out there.
I think we might have sat out on that patio 20 times over the course of the five years living there.

Don't get me wrong..there were some good nights drinking glass bottle cokes while Adam grilled.  Even a few where my Dad's dog Molly romped and chased bugs while we enjoyed the rare cool evenings in late summer. A few times we had friends over and congregated outside; but we really didn't have much use for it.. or any of the outside spaces of our first home.

So, imagine my surprise when one of the things Adam was drawn to when we first started looking at builders, was the two story deck.  I didn't understand the appeal as most of them were decks overlooking a subdivision and off the master bedroom. I mean, when would you use it? First thing in the morning?

I am not a coffee and watching the birds in the morning type of person.

I am a sleep as late as I can while still making it to work on time type of person.

But my husband wanted a two story deck.. so a two story deck we were going to have

And then we found our builder, and toured his houses.. and I too felt the draw of the two story deck.

Grilling below, chilling above.

Hanging out on the porch even during a storm -- feeling the air change from hot and humid to cool and refreshing as the rain pours down.

With walls on either side, we can enjoy the view with some privacy.. who cares if my yoga pants don't match my shirt..or if my hair is a total mess..

And the view is much better than a subdivision.. 

I get it now, husband.. and as most often.. you were right all along.

Here's to many more afternoons, evenings, and maybe even an early morning.. of looking out over our deck, into the trees, and soaking it in.

How right you were, my love.. how right you were...

Back porch is complete - day 166 of our build.

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