Tuesday, May 24

disnerdom - how it all began

Long ago, I chose the title of nerdy nest for this blog because I felt my beau and I captured many different varieties of nerdom in our home.

Today, I confess our official disnerdom.  My husband and I are huge Disney nerds.  I would say we specifically fall into the category of Disney World nerds.  We love most things Disney, but most specifically if it has to do with a trip to Disney World -  we're in!
The castle on a cloudy day - our view from brunch at Chef Mickey's 2014
Going back, it all started quite simply.  We were trying to decide where we wanted to honeymoon.  My first thought was a beach somewhere, as we both love the ocean.  I could sun, nap, and sip on pina coladas happily all day.  The Man however, craves a bit more action.

Not hiking, biking, swimming with sharks kind of action, mind you.  But something a bit more exciting than days at the spa and basking in the sunlight.  So we switched gears and I started thinking about possibly honeymooning in Washington DC.   We're not overly patriotic, but we do appreciate history and love museums.  It seemed like it could be a good option. A week to tackle the Smithsonian.. it could be done.

But it was missing a little romance to me.  Granted, we'd been living together for quite a while at this point in our relationship so some of the newlywed syndrome and starry eyes were not as much of a factor.  He still makes me giggle like a schoolgirl and get anime twinkly eyes to this day.  We wanted some degree of romance for the honeymoon, and we kept throwing out ideas.

Let me be honest, so far this is sounding like there was a lot of debating and discussion and research on honeymoon options.  That's not true.  We maybe seriously talked about it for a good 30 minutes after dinner one night.  We weighed some options and out of the blue, the Man said:

"What about Disney World?"

It was all over then.

I had never been.  I had always wanted to go, but never really thought about it or pushed for it.  It was something that was on my radar, but not on my must-do list.  Nothing much happened with the conversation that night, but by the next day -  I was pumped.
My buttons for the Honeymoon - with a backdrop of our bedding.. can you guess where we stayed?
I first remember googling "Disney Honeymoon" on a break at work and found two key websites that influenced me to bring it up again that night when he got home.

The DIS Disney Discussion Forums - DISboards.com

I started to see the potential for magic then and there:
  • Tons of fun things to do (rides, shows, places to explore)
  • World class customer service (I wanted to feel pampered on this trip)
  • Gorgeous resorts (see parenthesis above)
  • Unique and fine dining (food is always good!)
  • The Pixie Dust element (Talk about leaving the real world behind! Serious Disney magic at work on a honeymoon.)

And that's where our nerdy Disney journey began...

Since it brings me so much joy to talk about our disnerdiness, I look forward to sharing many more posts about our Disney trips (yes, plural) and sharing some of the things we love most about being disnerds.

Tuesday, May 10

nostalgic nesters

The other night, the Man and I were trying to calm down for bed and accidentally took a few hours journey down memory lane.  We ended up reflecting on all the crazy experiences we've had together as a couple and ultimately determined, shortly after realizing just how late it was on a work night, that we were banned from talking before bed, and that we loved the life we've built together.

This blog, as the Man reminds me frequently, is not just the story of our home, our construction journey, or my baking and crafty goodness.  It's a place where, in bouts of creative moments and stolen minutes, I can tell the story of our life together.  I am so lucky that he is so supportive, and frequently reminds me how much he enjoys looking back on my accounts of life here on the blog.  Though I post on instagram quite often, I'm much less likely to tell our stories there -  other than the moments captured in a quick shot or two.

With that in mind, here we go on another kick to revive the nerdy nest.  I'll try to write more frequently and share more, even the mundane, here.  If for nothing else, than for the archives.

It's good to be back!