Tuesday, June 30


In my previous post, I talked about how we had some paint on the exterior.  When we finally had some color on the walls.. I noticed something scary.  I don't know why I didn't see it before.  I guess it took seeing the contrast of the paint against the window and trim for it to click.

Our main gable is the wrong size.  It's the wrong scale. It's supposed to look like this:

Instead, it looked like this:

Can you see the difference?  Once I saw it, I couldn't un-see it.  It drove me crazy.
I freaked out a bit.  This was BIG.

I pulled up pictures of both.  Side by side.. one on my phone, one on my tablet.  

Yup.  Things were wrong.  Very wrong. 

I noticed it, but I was worried I hadn't caught it in time.   And then it hit me, Adam doesn't know.  He hasn't caught it yet... 




..and I have to be the one to tell him. 

Now keep in mind, that at this point in our build.. we're both pretty tired.  We're really close to just being over the whole process.  We're tired of not having our own place.  We're tired of not having a kitchen, a bedroom, a space for the kittens to romp and play.  We're tired of it taking so long.

How did I not see that!?!
We've been on and off overjoyed and extremely frustrated with our build process.  And this was one of those frustrated weeks before Gable-gate ever happened.  

There had been points recently where we had even explored leaving this house behind, and looking for something already built.  We had a few contenders selected.  But we never walked away...

Needless to say, I was not looking forward to telling my sweet, kind, and "living with his mother-in-law for over 4 months"  husband that they had messed up the whole front of our house.
Clear as day!  And I still missed it!
So I, like the grown-ass woman I am, completely avoided talking to him about it for a day.. I texted our Realtor first.  Then I called her.  Then about 10 emails back and forth between her and the builder and me.  And they said they'd fix it, at no cost to us.

Damn right -  at no cost to us! WE didn't mess it up.  And they didn't even realize anything was wrong!

Our builder promised that our timeline wouldn't be affected.  I hoped it wouldn't, but we still have a ways to go..

I told Adam before dinner that night.  He took it way better than I did.  I think I was the angrier out of the two of us, and that's pretty rare.  He reminded me that he knew there was no way I would be willing to walk away from this house.. and for now, we just have to deal with the delays and be as patient as possible.

The next day, June 24, 2015,  it was patched.  It's still not perfect.. and not exactly right.

But I think it'll be okay.  I still obsess over it a bit, and will until it's completely finished and I can forget that this debacle ever happened.

Part of my obsession - I had MSPaint do a number on the front to make sure I'd be okay with the slight difference in slope.  Seeing it all one color helped.
I never claimed to be an artiste..

For now, the proportions are better.  And once they replace the hardi siding and the soffitts, I doubt anyone (but my beloved blog readers) would ever know anything was wrong.

Photobombing dumpster!

Until it's all one color and looking lovely.. I think I'll keep hearing a little bit of Whitney Houston in my head..
"It's not right, but it's okay."

For your listening and 90's throwback pleasure, I present.. Ms. Houston.

Now if we could just pack our bags, and up and leave into the new house.. which I am still loving, imperfect gable and all..

As everyone told us at our wedding (when the fire broke out and almost burned down a historic building).. "at least it'll be a good story."  This one isn't as dramatic, but it does make our building experience that much more memorable.

Making memories with Gable-Gate 2015 - days 156-158 of our build 

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