Friday, July 3

when you wish upon a star...

A little "when you wish upon a star.." moment for you.

After seeing the house and the icky unfinished gable just gloating at me.. I reverted back to our Disney honeymoon and decided to make a little wish on a star that night..

[Not really.. closer to the truth would be that I, while trolling the Pinterest app for Halloween decor ideas, muttered to Adam, who was reading tech news or playing a game on his phone, that "I hope to hell the gable is at least covered with hardi-board before the 4th of July weekend".]

Let's go back to wishing on a star.. much more romantic and poetic.

Star light, star bright
First star I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might
See the gable of my dreams at first light..
or afternoon, or tomorrow.. hell, as long as it's before July 4th I'm happy!

Tahhhh! Dahhhhhh!!

No paint yet, but isn't she lovely? 

Ah... much better..

Still waiting on caulking and paint, but so much better than the pieced-together before.

It's almost as if the construction workers borrowed some of Tinkerbell's pixie dust.

Just magical.

Our new gable has siding -  day 164 of our build

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