Sunday, May 17

freeze frame... in 90 degree heat

Framing has moved quickly!  After how slow everything has been so far, it feels like the framing process is going at lightening speed!

Check out the progress from this week alone!

Everything started on Monday, May 11th.  These pictures were taken on Tuesday, May 12th.

Views of the basement from ground level..

and of the main level floor being installed.

Walking on the main level, trying to envision where the new walls will go.

Surveying his domain on May 13th.

Main walls are up on Thursday, May 14th.

Seeing the house take shape!

Just missing a few more walls.. 

On a fabulous Friday, May 15th -  Walls are still going up and so are the ceiling joists!

Home sweet home.. closer every day!

Framing continues -  days 115-118 of our build.

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Michael DeVore said...

Looks great. Nice and big.