Thursday, May 21

a good frame of mind..

The framers took a break over the weekend, but by Monday, May 18th they were back at it.

It's hard to really see what's going on in these pictures, but we'll document for posterity's sake.  Above we're seeing the tray in the dining room take shape.

They've installed a massive support beam along the front porch and are beginning to add ceiling supports.

Looking at the ceiling in the great room and opening into the kitchen.

Main support beam in place along the back covered porch and looking out the great room "windows."

Lots of cross-supports for now, but it's cool to see the ceiling of the great room take shape.  I forgot how tall our ceilings were going to be!

On Tuesday, May 19th -  we have exterior walls!
The front of the house, slowly starting to look more like a house now!

Love seeing all these windows and doors across the front.  I really am fond of the elevation we chose.
Inside view from the corner of the dining room.  I can't wait for these cross-supports to be gone and us to be able to walk through the space instead of climb/ducking.

The view of the great room windows looking out to the covered back deck.

The view looking up from our walkout patio.. so glad I didn't have to hang that beam!

It was a little late when we made it by on Wednesday, May 20th .. but I'm glad we took the trip to check out the progress!

Apparently I can't hold my phone straight, but we have wrapping and part of the roof started.

Our roof is a combination of hip and gable styles.  I really love how things are shaping up.  There will be a small gable over the left garage door -  that will eventually have stacked stone over the whole face.

Fighting for light, but managed another shot from the dining room looking through to the great room.

The whole time we were there, the wind was picking up and clouds were moving in.  It never stormed while we were there, but the house wrap kept flapping in the wind -  reminding me of umbrellas at the beach, and reminding Adam of Loki the kitten and his percussive obsession with boxes and bags.

They've started framing out the tray in the master bedroom.  I love the angles and you can tell it took some serious time and effort.
One more lopsided picture for the road.. here's hoping for more of the roof line to appear over the next few days!

Framing continues -  days 121 - 123 of our build.

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Nice photos. It looks great.