Wednesday, May 6

a graveled garage..

April 29, 2015 was a rainy day.  It stormed all the night before, and had a light drizzle most of the morning.  I worked from home (and cuddled my mom's mini daschund, Lilli, while on calls).  

Rotten Lilli.. giving me a break from spreadsheets.
As soon as I could log out, we decided to swing by the lot.. just in case.. but not expecting anything.

Good news!  We have gravel!

Looks like we need a bit more to fill in the front porch area.

Still, it's nice to be able to stand at almost ground level of the garage.  And daydream about where all the tools will go.

In the meantime, our favorite excavators are back at work.  This time they're burying the weeping tiles from the french drain system.

I don't know if you can tell, but the guy driving the excavator is in a bright white shirt.  I don't know how he does it but he always seems to keep that shirt spotless.  It's either mad skills or Oxi-Clean.

We've started joking that the project manager just sends over a crew to our lot every day at 5pm.  Just to make sure we know they're working. 

A graveled garage and more red mud -  Day 102 of our build

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Anonymous said...

Really love all the trees surrounding your site! The different trades working on our house are never consistent; some begin early in the day and leave by 3pm and others I think show up in the afternoon and work through 7pm. I like to go check out the work when no one is there so I never know when to visit :) We have a mini named Winnie!