Saturday, May 16

gasp! we've been framed!

Imagine my surprise when just a day after walking the slab, on May 11th, 2015, a Monday.. we saw this!
It almost looks like ROOMS!

The basement framing has begun and I couldn't be happier!

It actually looks kinda like a house!  With walls..

And windows!

And doors!

It's so cool to see them framing on site.  Walking the house felt surreal and so much more real at the same time.

I just kept pacing the floor, daydreaming with Adam, thinking to myself and chatting aloud, about where we were going to put things; what the rooms would be used for; and where we thought progress would be the next day.  It's so exciting to see movement that's more than just dirt at the lot.

It's almost redeeming.. like, this... this house.. this build.. THIS place, this home! 

This is why we're sharing a bedroom with two mean cats.

See.. they deceive.. there is meanness there. I promise.

Framing begins - day 114 of our build!

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