Tuesday, May 12

not quite a concrete jungle...

The next few days at the lot were all about dirt.  At least the weather was cooperating on May 1st, 2015.
A load of sand had been dropped off.  This was grey and seemed to be something to fill in between the gravel.

Pardon the porta-potty shadow.. I've been growing hopeful at how level things are starting to look.

I took a quick detour the following weekend to Gay, GA for the "Cotton Pickin' Fair" with my mother and sister in-law.  It was fun to see what crafty ideas were out there.

Also fun to text Adam at work with video game references.. this cart made me think of Assassin's Creed.
And I asked if he might want a weeping cedar for the yard...

But I think we both prefer the look of a weeping willow.  Maybe down the line..

Back to the lot on Monday, May 4th!
More dirt!  But wait.. is that a pipe??

 Multiple pipes!  And sand!

It almost looks like they are finally prepping for our slab to be poured!  Note the light shining from the heavens..  right into our basement with sand, and Pipes!
There was also a good bit of framing and support being added where the back patio will be poured and the additional footings.

More solar flares! And our basement bathroom rough-ins are standing at the ready.

May 5th, a Tuesday, was another sunny day.  I was thrilled.
We saw the gravel in the garage being leveled off, supports to the garage wall were added.
You can also see where the rest of the sand was added, and smaller trenches dug outlining the rooms in the basement.

From above, one of my favorite basement spaces... STORAGE!
From the left rear of the house, more sand and dirt!

This is how we left the house on Tuesday.  Wednesday, May 6th didn't seem that different.
Tarps were added and everything smoothed out.

Looks like we're finally ready for some concrete!

Prepping to pour the slab -  days 107-109 of our build!

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