Friday, May 29

framing the details...

We didn't expect the crew to work on Labor Day, May 25, 2015 - but there was no stopping them.  Even with the thunderstorms and rain this week, we've still seen some progress.
On Monday, we had tar paper!
 I was also excited to see the holes cut in the wrap for our windows.  That meant we were one step closer to getting "dried in".

You can tell how grey the days have been, but we're still getting moments of sunshine.

On Tuesday, we saw windows and our front door was installed!

 Adam had to work late, and it was cloudy -  so a lot of our pictures are darker than normal.
Most of the supports have been removed, and some of the interior details are starting to emerge. 
(And my detail-obsessed self fretted over the island framing in the kitchen.  We were right, they framed it too high, but it will be corrected soon enough!)

Love this view of the house -  looking into all the open spaces in the great room/dining room/kitchen/breakfast nook. It feels so OPEN!  Granted, we're still missing a door here.  

Another exciting addition on Tuesday was the stairs to the basement.  I am so thrilled not to have to hike through the mud to check out the lower level.

On Wednesday, we had more ominous clouds -  and more windows!  Although it doesn't look like it, I can tell that the crew has been working to clean up the lot too.  Most of the wood bits and trash are all piled in front of the house, instead of scattered everywhere.
 With the supports all down, it's easier to see what our views from the rooms are going to be like.
Love the view from our breakfast nook.. it's like we're living in a tree house.

Once again, obsessed with how open the space feels.

One of our worries put to rest -  the window between the tub and shower is framed.  So is the bench and tub surround.  It's going to be a LOT of tile to keep clean, but it will be worth it!

It's been raining a lot this week, and I think the framers are wrapping things up.  No pictures from our visit Thursday, though we did take some measurements.  With all the storms, I expect it will be a while before things are dried out and ready for the next crew.

For now, I'll continue to stop by every day and just enjoy the sights and sounds of our future nest. 

Framing the details - days 128 through 131 of our build.

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