Sunday, May 3

a porta-potty sunset

I've never been a big fan of going to the dentist, but on April 27, 2015 - I was excited.  Not for the tooth polishing or lecture on flossing, but instead because I knew I'd get to swing by the lot after my appointment and possibly catch some of the work being done.  

When I first drove into the neighborhood, I admit - I was pretty mad.  They had a bulldozer clearing yet another lot.  When Adam and I signed the contract, we were one of two lots available for construction.  Little did we know, the neighborhood was about to experience a boom.  I keep thinking it's because folks heard the Shears were moving in.. and wanted to join the fun.

All that to say - there have been two lots cleared while we waited for movement on the progress of our place.  I was getting a little fussy, and then when I drove up and saw ANOTHER lot being cleared.. well.. I'm just glad the HOA didn't witness the one-sided discussion I had in the car as I drove past.

I was amazed by how rich and black the soil looked at the new lot.. I was also surprised by the pang of jealousy I felt over soil.  That's a new one for me.. but it looked so nice, and fertile, and not bright red clay.

And then.. a truck came around the corner, with that same black soil, and dropped it off at OUR lot!


We're starting to see the lay of the land a bit as they bring more dirt in.

Hard to believe that not long ago, there was an exposed 10 foot concrete wall.

There's still work to do to fill in the porch and garage -  I think a gravel delivery is in order.

I couldn't resist capturing the beauty of building.. porta-potty, dumpster, and a lovely sunset.

I could get used to this view.. minus the photo-bombing dumpster, of course.

Celebrating dirt, porta-potties, and sunsets - Day 100 of our build 

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