Wednesday, May 20

rock it out ....

Did I ever tell you about the time when one of my dearest friends wrote a musical about cavemen?

Yeah.  It was awesome.  It opened up with a huge stone in the middle of the stage.. and the cave characters eventually burst into song about the "Rock Musical."  I think we should totally crowd-fund a revival.

In the meantime, we were also focused on rocks.. stone to be specific.  There wasn't much debate on the stone we wanted for the exterior of our house, since we'd already seen it in the neighborhood on other houses our builder was working on.  Even if we had the option to change it, I doubt we would have.

We loved the variation in color and the dimension of the stone.  Even though it seems like a simple stacked stone, there are a lot of different shaped pieces mixed in.

A little sneak preview of our paint color contenders.
We love dark colors and grey tones too.. but we didn't want all grey stone because we were worried about the house looking washed out.  This has a nice mix of the dark tones we love, some lighter grays, and a heavy dose of tans and browns to keep it neutral.

Our builder had been encouraging us to go on and make many of the decisions on the finishes from the beginning.  Surprisingly, we had most of our finishes and all chosen before we even had concrete poured.  We were excited and also decisive.  I knew the longer I mulled things over, or the more options I had, that decisions would get that much more difficult.

More design decisions to come..

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