Tuesday, May 5

100 Days In.. Our Progress

We knew going into building our home that it was going to be a long process.  People had warned us that it would take longer than expected.  People suggested we just buy and settle.

We aren't the type to settle.

Still.. I have to confess. I had no idea it would take this long.  I had no idea the process would be this slow.

Although we aren't the ones knee deep in the red mud, tying rebar, and pouring concrete -  building this home is a labor of love.  It's a newly found obsession with the weather.  It's a deeper understanding of soil types and analysis of raw materials.  It's a test of patience. It's a trial in working at someone else's pace, on someone else's time, and on delaying gratification. It's a point of frustration, of joy, and anticipation.

I'm not in love with the process of building.  But I know, without a doubt that I will love the home we've built.

Here's to 100 days in.. and many more to go.

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