Tuesday, June 9

desperately seeking siding..

There hasn't been much progress on the house over the last week.  It seems like the framers were finishing up and we were scheduled to begin rough-ins sometime between June 1st and June 5th.

For now, this is how we're feeling about the building process.
Slightly over it and completely tired of our "Studio" living.  However, let it be noted the lovely grey trellis pillows Loki is modeling here.  I hope to put these in the new house.. eventually. 

We didn't see any changes at the house, until June 3rd, when our tub and two of our shower/tub combos were delivered. The tub is in the big cardboard box hiding behind the shower.

Initially the framing for the kitchen island was set at bar height, and not counter like we specified.  This was corrected last week, but it's leaning a bit and not very secure.  This photo was taken to show our dissatisfaction.  Hopefully it will be fixed soon, as I plan to looove the kitchen island.

The island wasn't the only correction.  We found a correction tag instructing the workers to redo the window flashing.  Thank goodness that was caught before it was too late. 

On June 4th, we saw the soffits and fascia being added to the front of the house.   
 If you look closely, you can see where the fascia is added along the roof line, and where they started on the garage.

No other work was completed that week, but when we went by on Monday, June 8th -  we saw some of the siding was installed. 

I like the detail it adds to the gables.  It's hard to see that much has changed, but stopping by the lot every day makes those little changes easier to spot.

For now, I think the biggest challenge is not getting lost in the details or frustrated by the timeline.  We're so ready and excited to be in our new home.. and the work just seems to be dragging slowly by.  I hope we'll be able to see some of the rough-in's completed this week and see some more progress.

For now, I guess we'll continue to watch HGTV and dream about our home-to-be.

Soffits, siding, and showers -  Days 137 - 142 of our build.

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