Saturday, June 27

like the civil war....

I feel like our exterior paint color is like a battle of the Civil War.. sometimes gray is in the lead, sometimes blue..

Based on the bright afternoon sun, the eventual turnout is the same.  Blue wins.

On June 22nd, they did some painting at the house. I was excited to see the exterior color on something more than just a swatch.  I was surprised however, when I saw how blue things turned out.
A painted gable and a spot on the front porch- very navy/cobalt.

Still, as expected -  the colors change with the light..
A little later in the day and we're seeing more gray tones. 

I think we'll be happy with it.  Adam and I both love blue and gray and I think it'll be a nice contrast to the other homes in the neighborhood.  Also, I think the light trim will help everything pop... now to see what the door color looks like.

Oh!  And do you see what I see?
Pallets of shingles behind our trash pile.  Finally, we might actually be getting a roof!

Shingles and a slathering of paint -  156 days into our build.

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