Thursday, June 18

siding by siding..

Things haven't slowed down this week since my little hissy fit last week.  We've seen some great progress and even have met with both the project manager and electrician since then.  
The siding is finished and ready for the painters to get to work! HVAC was also mostly completed when we checked everything out.

The meeting with the project manager was to discuss the location of some of the plugs/electricals we were adding.. and a tiny issue with our stairs.  I was pretty anxious to see what his solution to our stair issue was, but I think everything will work out for the better.

Our house is built into a slope (yes, another hill for Adam to hate mowing) and because of the grade, the framers actually added a foot to the basement height.  The PRO to this is that our basement will have 10 foot ceilings.  Whoo hoo!  The CON -  our stairs were built too steep and did not meet code. 
Pardon the bad picture quality - this was the only shot of the stairs I had.  They were really steep and NARROW.  Like hold on to the 2x4's and walk really carefully, narrow.

 The solution proposed by the project manager was to relocate a door and add a landing and a few stairs at the basement entrance.  I think this will be fine, but it hasn't been corrected in the framing yet.  I think I will probably stay slightly anxious until I can see how it will actually look once they get it re-framed.

I'm glad we marked everything because a few days later, after we met, the electrician had started working.  Here is the progress as of Monday, June 15th.

Can lights and HVAC in the ceiling of the kitchen.

The beginnings of our circuit breaker panel.

Cables running from the Master to the basement -  I felt like there were wires everywhere we turned.  It was so exciting!

Finally caught the basement bathroom on a day where there was enough light out.

Spots marked for plugs, data ports, and switches on the Man's media wall. 

I know it may not seem like much, but for us -  it's so wonderful to be able to walk through the house and start to see where light fixtures are going to go, where we will plug in all the electronics, switch on the lights in the middle of the night when I get freaked out by a random noise, and debate on the best plugs for Christmas tree placement.  

Note -  heck yeah I added plugs in specific places just for decorating for the holidays.  The project manager looked at me like I was crazy when I told him I wanted a plug in a specific place for our Christmas tree in the bedroom.. you can't be as short as I am without a little elvish holiday spirit, it's impossible.

I'm sure next visit we'll see even more wires and cords and breaker boxes -  oh my!

HVAC, siding, and starting electrical -  day 149 of our build.

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