Tuesday, June 23

150 days in...

Adam and I had been talking about building for a while.  It started off as daydreaming, then eventually became a reality.  

We thought long and hard about building -  trying to decide if it was right for us.  We knew how picky we could both be, and after touring homes far above our price point and only finding one or two we liked.. we knew that to get exactly what we wanted - we'd probably need to build.

In a conversation with our Realtor today, about an issue with the house (more on that later), she told me to remember why we decided to build.  She reminded me to think about how perfect things will be when we move in.

As we face yet another setback in our timeline.  As we take a few steps back and away from move in day.  And as we continue to test our patience.. I have to remind myself of how far we've come from that wooded lot.  I have to remind myself that one day it will be finished; it will be perfect.

I have to remind myself that this is our home, the one we chose, and another day or week or month of waiting is just a blip when compared to the next twenty years.

Be patient.  Trust.  It will be worth it.

Progress so far - 150 days into our build on June 16, 2015.

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