Friday, June 19

don't take it for granite...

We were still packing up our first house when we scheduled our tour of the granite warehouse to choose our slab.  We knew we were going to upgrade from our builder's selections for the kitchen, and had a certain type in mind.

Ever since we first started shopping for our kitchen remodel in our first nest, the Man and I have been dreaming about and drooling over Blue Pearl granite.  It's striking and we've been drawn to it for, officially, years now.
Image result for blue pearl graniteROoh.. ahhh... look at all the metallic flecks!

We had seen it in a few homes and thought it would look great with dark cabinets. 
We'd seen it a lot with lighter spaces.. and were a little worried it might be too blue for our space.  Still, we were willing to take the risk.
But then the PRICE.  Blue Pearl is VERY expensive. VERY expensive.
Not "Take a Risk" expensive.  So our builder suggested we check out some Black Pearl at his supplier's warehouse.
It looked like it had potential when we were checking it out online, but we missed the variation that the Blue Pearl had.  It seemed very flat when we saw it in person and lacked the dimension we wanted.

At the granite warehouse, it was a challenge to keep our focus.  There were so many options, but we really wanted to stay as close to budget as possible.
Rows and rows to choose from... instead of getting sidetracked, we tried to keep our blinders on and focus on the picks our consultant suggested.

We didn't fall for the black pearl.. awesome potential Pirates of the Caribbean allusions aside.  It just didn't have the dimension and depth we were looking for.  Our consultant asked what colors we planned on using in the house or the feel we were going for in the kitchen.  We knew grey was a big part of the plan.. with stainless appliances and dark cabinets.

She walked us across the aisle to a dust covered slab.. what about "Steel Grey"?
Image result for steel grey granite
Why.. hello lovely!  
It was a happy medium with a little glimmer from a few metallics, depth and dimension, and not quite as dark as the Black Pearl or blue as the Blue Pearl.

After a quick splash from a water bottle to wipe away the dust -  we were set.  She confirmed the price would be a little more than the negotiated deal for Black Pearl.. but MUCH, MUCH less than Blue.
We actually saved enough green by going gray for me to feel comfortable splurging on a decorative edge for the granite on our island.

Most of our counters will have a rounded edge, except for our slab in the center of the kitchen.  It'll have a nice touch of a waterfall edge to set it off a bit.

Something like this, but in a deep sparkly grey.

We had already chosen the granite for our bathrooms (New Caldonia) but now we had our kitchen granite chosen too.  I hope it all is pretty cohesive and looks good together when installed.   We'll have to wait and see!
New Caldonia for the bathroom counters