Sunday, June 14

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Choosing most of the finishes for our house wasn't as difficult as I expected it to be. I mentioned earlier that Eagle Imports did have a few suggestions pulled which helped me with my design indecision.

We had the choose the following during our appointment:
  • Main carpet color
  • Hardwood finish
  • Cabinet finish
  • Granite for bathrooms and kitchen
  • Tile for bathrooms
  • Tile for laundry room
  • Tile for Master bath
  • Backsplash for kitchen
  • Any other upgrades
I went in expecting that it would take a few trips to decide on everything.  By the time we left, about 30-45 minutes later, the only things that were uncertain were the granite for the kitchen and the backsplash (because it depended on the granite we chose.)  I was stunned that everything else was decided so quickly.
Love the accent tile we chose for the master bath -  can not WAIT to see that in place.

We still had to decide on the kitchen granite and backsplash, but these were our backsplash contenders:

Possibly a small square in the grey, or even subway tiles in this finish.

For a more dynamic look, a smaller subway structure but with these varied tiles.
That all depended on how our trip to the granite yard went... and it was a trip!

I thought I might add the names of our selections in case anyone has done like me and is trying to find where others have used their finishes.  Our selections are below:

  • Main carpet color - Port Harbor Wild Rice
  • Hardwood finish - River Ridge Birch Chatooga
  • Cabinet finish -  Walnut
  • Granite for bathrooms and kitchen -  New Caldonia (bath) Steel Grey (Kitchen)
  • Tile for bathrooms - Classico Poseidon with Cypress grout
  • Tile for laundry room -  Harmony Eucalyptus with Cypress grout
  • Tile for Master bath - Alaska Blackburn with Taupe grout and Bamboo Stone listello

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