Monday, June 15

hissy-fit number one...

This begins the part of the building process where our visits to the lot are more focused on little changes and "oh, that's different" instead of huge transformations and "wow -  there's a wall there!"  It's taking some getting used to.  At the moment, we're happy as long as we're seeing progress.

I have to confess... after the lackluster progress the week before last, and discussion of timelines with our banker -  this week prompted, the first of what I hope won't be many, "angry" emails to our Realtor.  I wouldn't call them angry really, just more.. impatient, concerned, and frustrated.  Thankfully she passed the sentiments on to our builder, and we saw an almost immediate change in the pace of work being done at our home.  For now.

Plumbing rough ins were finished up on Tuesday, June 9th.. except for a few lines missing for one of our appliances.  Here we see the framing for my beloved island (still a little wonky) but now we have bracing and pipes for the sink.

Siding is almost finished and the frame for our main floor deck is installed, as is most of the ceiling of the porch.

Hard to tell, but this looking up at the pipes for the master bath running through the basement ceiling joists.

Our tub is out of it's cardboard home and into a more permanent location.  So excited to have a jetted tub, even if the maintenance is going to be a pain!

Vents and pipes for the laundry room.. I can almost see my washer and dryer in place.  How lovely it will be to do laundry in my own laundry room once we move in! Although I appreciate the hospitality of both my mom and mother-in-law, offering me their washers and dryers.. there is just something about having your own again. 

Despite the dirty tub, it's fun to see the pretty ORB design of the handle and faucet.  It's a bit more feminine than Adam would prefer, but I love it!

And finally!  Our missing exterior doors are delivered!  One step closer to being "dried in".  Also, note the very exciting box of duct work pieces.. that means up next is HVAC, hopefully!

What a difference a hissy-fit makes.  
Plumbing and progress -  day 143 of our build.

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