Sunday, April 26

forming the basement..

I took a mental health day off from work on April 10th, and couldn't resist taking a drive with Adam over to the lot during the day when we might see some work.  As with most of our trips, we weren't expecting anything but were incredibly hopeful.  Still, we had just been caught in a mini-monsoon outside the grocery store so many of our hopes, we expected to be dashed. But as we drove up we saw.. TRUCKS!

And workers taking a break in said trucks! We were just glad we could grab some pictures of the progress without being in their way.  They had set out the forms for the concrete walls to be poured.

This is somewhat looking straight at the house with the front porch and then garage on the right.  The space in between the forms is where they will pour the concrete walls.

From the far left of the house -  I love how the walls will step down to the basement level.  The back doesn't have any walls formed yet since it will be a "walkout" basement, where we can walk directly out into the backyard.

I've seen a few houses built around our area, but never seen a home with a basement.  It's pretty crazy to think we'll have these huge concrete walls that really won't be able to be seen when people drive up.  

On another note, with all this rain and red mud -  I need to do some shoe shopping.  Can't you just see me walking the job site in some rain boots like these?
If only they will fit.. I think it would be perfect!  
Wall Forms are Up -  day 83 of our build

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Jenny Hester said...

Great blog! I found your blog from the gardenweb site. Hope to keep up with your build!