Monday, April 20

starting out on the right footing..

On March 18th, Adam was off work and I was still serving my civic duty at the courthouse. The trial I was assigned to ended up lasting all week.  At least I won't have to serve again for a few years, and during that week -  I was able to do a lot of house snooping, checking up on the progress during breaks and after court was release for the day.

We drove by the lot towards the end of the day and were able to see some serious work being completed.  The guys were pouring our footings using this massive pump truck.

Our builder told us later that the pump truck cost about $60,000 to buy and about $1,000 +/- an hour to rent.  No wonder these guys worked so quickly!

Adam and I were intrigued by the whole process.  We hung around later as they folded the pump trucks crane away.  Finally we decided it was best to get out of their way.  Still, I'm loving how much we're learning through this whole process.  There are so many interesting stages along the way.

Up next, walls.... maybe?

Pouring the Footings - 60 days into our build

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