Monday, April 20

go digger go!

I tend to get off work a little earlier than the Man does.  A lot earlier actually.  Most times, I'm pretty patient and wait for him to get home before we swing by the lot to check on things.  However, the week of March 17th, I had the joy of serving jury duty.  This meant I was local for the day and had ample time on lunch compared to my norm.  I swung by the lot after hitting the drive thru on a sunny day, hoping I'd catch some work in progress.

Yay!  Holes in dirt!
 I lucked out!  The crew was there digging the trenches for our footings.  This is when I could really start to see the outline of our home's footprint.

The workers on the crew even waved when they saw me playing paparazzi.
 I couldn't resist getting a short video of everyone in action.  Go digger go!  I mean, right on with that excavation!  Way to adhere to city and county codes!

I had to rush back to court or I would have spent the afternoon.  There's just something about seeing the work as it happens that is both reassuringly calm and thrilling at the same time.
Digging the Footings - 59 days into our build

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