Monday, April 13

meet our mud pit

Note to self: When visiting an uneven, muddy, recently excavated lot -  don't wear flip flops.

Additional Note: Don't wear flip flops with a 2" wedge heel.  You will fall.

Yeah.  The man wanted to see the lot up close.  I was game.  After all... they had cleared and started digging out the basement.

OMG -  Dirt! Yay!
So we make our way around the side of the lot, and start cutting through the woods in the back.  I stepped wrong and BLAM!  I went down like a sack of potatoes.. with gravy.  I've never been a graceful one, but this was embarrassing.

I had a bruise for about a month.  And scraped my face on a tree.  "Hello tree, pardon me!"

The lot from the side.
It was worth it.  We had a blast walking around the space.  I loved imagining where our house would fit in all the mud. "This will be our bedroom.  Here's where I'll store all my Holiday decor."

Adam on one side of the dig, taken from the opposite stake.  Our house won't be this wide.. but still!  Can you see him?

I was just shocked by what a difference having the land cleared and dug out made.  It got really REAL really quick.  There were lots of "Oh my.. it's so massive.. like.. this is our house."

The Man showing how tall the dirt wall is.
I think the craziest part was seeing where the ground was dug out for the basement.  We'll have a walkout basement, but it just seemed so crazy to have this wall-O-dirt just hanging out on the lot.

Attempt at a selfie.. yay dirt pile!
The ground slopes enough where it can easily support a walk-out.... but I'm hoping they'll truck in some more dirt to level out the front yard and mellow the slope a bit.  Still, I'm so excited to have the extra space and room to grow if we choose.

Meet our mud pit!  Muddy since March 7, 2015.

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