Wednesday, April 29

we have walls! well.. close enough

I'm going to warn you.. if you don't like concrete, and you aren't currently building your dream home -  this post might get a little boring.  (Not that all my posts are that exciting...) I've got a TON of pictures of the concrete walls..and we were so excited that they were poured so quickly, compared to the pace of most things lately, that I probably took one too many.  So I hope you bear with me, or completely skip this post, as I relive what we discovered on a visit to the lot on April 11th and 12th -  yay weekend!
The forms are down, and we have WALLS! (Kinda)

Earlier in the day the workers were still removing the forms and ties.

Standing on the sidewalk, the walls don't seem that tall.

We were perplexed by the rebar coming out of the top of the walls, but I think this is to help reinforce the porch and garage floor once it's poured.

There are some interesting cut-outs where Styrofoam was put to allow for additional supports down the line. This is the front porch area and garage to the right. 

There's quite a bit of space between where they dug out for the basement and where the footings and walls were poured.

The wet weather and lack of bright sun has slowed the drying process for sure.  You can see where the walls have been patched or are still wet.

This is going to be one of the favorite rooms of the house, at basement level -  our main room for STORAGE!

Looking down from the top left corner of the house -  outside the eventual master bedroom.

My favorite shot of the basement walls.. you can see the whole "house" from here.
If you'd like a little more action.. check out our "tour" of the walls from the side of our lot.

Now if it will just stop raining.. we might be able to explore a bit.  Or you know, take care of waterproofing, or maybe the slab, or something..

anything.. anything but rain.
Basement Walls, Complete! -  day 85 of our build

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