Sunday, April 5

if a tree falls in a subdivision...

It was pretty shocking to drive by the lot one day (February 28, 2015) and see all the trees down.
Our lot -  and piles and piles of trees.  Sorry Mother Nature.. don't hate.
I mean, all the trees were just -  gone! It just looked so.. disastrous?  It was exciting, and I never thought I'd be so happy to see dead trees.

For scale - see the Man, and his sister and bro-in law.  Checking everything out.
Our lot seemed so huge!  It's an average size for this area, to still be in city limits with access to fast internet (a must for the Man) and without a long commute into town (preferred for me).

I think one thing I was surprised by was how excited I was by seeing a bulldozer.  It's like I became a 5 year old boy and was looking for Bob the Builder.  It was so cool to see them up close.

This bucket was huge, I just kept thinking about how I could fit the whole family in there.  Angry cats included.
 I took far too many pictures of the equipment. On another trip by, I insisted on crawling in the damn thing. I nearly ripped my jeans.  I guess they aren't really made to be driven by unathletic 4'11" gals like me.
I mean business!

Everyone has warned us about how long the first few steps take. However, going from trees to no trees seemed like a pretty big step.   Our builder was encouraging us to make some decisions about finishes early on.. so that helped the time pass.  It wasn't long before we saw more progress.

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