Saturday, April 4

our lot - the beginning

After talking to the bank, and realizing that we could afford the house we wanted to build.. we quickly got under contract.  In the neighborhood we chose, there hasn't been much development in the past few years -  partially because of the economy and housing market, and partially because apparently the developer is quite particular about selling lots at or below what they think it's worth.

Luckily, our builder had purchased a few lots (and has since purchased a few more) but at the time only had two other lots available.  We wanted to make some adjustments to our floor plan, and wanted to make sure it (as well as a suitable lot) was still available.

We moved quickly, and I'm glad we did.  We signed our contract to build towards the end of January with a contingency that we wouldn't close until after our first house sold.  This kept us from the terrifying situation of needing to support two mortgages.

Shortly after, about a month later, our house sold.  This put even more pressure on the build and has made us increasingly more impatient.  I think the land was cleared a week before we closed on the sale of our house.. and with the weather, it's been a snail's pace since.
Before -  our lovely wooded lot
Part of why I want to continue posting through this process is because I want to have a log of each step.  It's not every day that you build your dream house.. and I certainly don't plan on doing it again any time soon!

Thanks for joining us on the journey.. from our first nest, through the sale, and now building our new nerdynest.  I'll try not to bore you.. or myself with all the details, And I promise there will be plenty of kitten pictures along the way.
Even Loki loves Restoration Hardware

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