Saturday, April 16

baby bundt bites

My friend Casi needed some baked goods for a fundraiser a while back.  It was decided that my standard cupcakes wouldn't fly (too messy, hard to package individually).  Instead, I decided to experiment with my new mini-bundt pan that I posted about here.

This time, I tried Sassy Grandma's lemon cake and my strawberry cake.  I usually use both of these batters for cupcakes, or even a full size bundt with a glaze so I had high hopes.

After baking and freezing the cakes, I sliced them into small bite-sized pieces.
I managed to get about 40-50 slices per cake.
The cake is pretty dense and moist, so I had to cut it while it was a cold as possible to keep the slices clean and the cakes from falling apart.
After cutting and separating all the pieces, I placed them 4-6 in a bag and tied with a little color coded tag and some thick white ribbon (found at IKEA).

I managed to get about 30-40 individual bags out of 3 mini-bundts. 
I simply piled them into a basket (of course!) and sent them on their merry way!
I think it turned out pretty cute and seemed to work great in a bake sale environment.  It's a good way to donate something a little different from the usual brownie/cookie fare.

Plus, there was extra batter set aside for a special surprise for the Man.  More details on that later.

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Mom said...

What an adorable idea!!!