Saturday, April 2

urning a living

On a recent yardsale trip, I came across two black planters looking a little worse for wear.  I had been wanting something a bit more substantial than my standard clay pots to flank the front door.  These had potential, and the price was right (under $5 for both!).

One needed a little doctoring due to a huge crack running down the side.  A little bathroom grade paintable caulk and all is well.

Both had some wear, the paint was chipping and each had a few dings.  I didn't want to get too agressive with the cleaning, since I wasn't sure of the material these were made of.  I just used a rough sponge and some hot soapy water to give them both a good bath.
After everything dried, it was time to give them a fresh coat of paint.  Again, since I wasn't sure of the material-- I picked up some Rustoleum Universal paint in a black hammered texture. 

Rustoleum Hammered Texture Universal in Black-- about $6 at Home Depot
I thought the texture might help to cover any flaws that a gloss coat could potentially highlight.

After a few quick coats and about 4 hours drying in the sun, it was time to put my new urns to work.
I really like them framing the front door. Not too shabby for an $11 investment!
  I'm hoping to eventually paint the front door (as well as our shutters) black.  I'd also like to upgrade our welcome mat to one that is a little bit better to scale.  In time...

For now, I just need to decide what to plant in them.  I keep hoping to find a hardy plant, that is about 3 feet tall, and not too leafy. Our entry is somewhat narrow, and I don't want anything to sprawling that could annoy the Man.  I like the look of evergreens, but I don't want it to seem Christmas-y year round.

Any suggestions?

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