Saturday, April 9

cookbook mania and fun freebies

A little while back, it was time for the Auburn Public Library's semi-annual book sale. That same Saturday was the Lee County Junior League  rummage sale.  Both turned out to be a hotbed of cookbookery.

Dear Mother picked up a Southern Living and some Martha for me (for which I am ever-so-grateful).  I managed to wrangle a fun read from Heloise, two Hungry Girl guides, and my favorite find yet.
Candlelight and Wisteria was published as a fund-raiser when I was in middle school.  It has some of my favorite local recipies and a lot of personal history (Dear Mother helped to compile everything, I can remember her attending numerous "cookbook planning meetings.")

I also had a few fun surprises come through the mail! I am a big fan of free samples (or really most anything that's free) and Target had a few good deals going on.

First I signed up for this cute makeup bag which was loaded with lip balm, lotion, shampoo and coupons.
I also signed up for a free sample of the Purina One Beyond cat food.  Currently our two kitties eat Purina One "Sensitive Systems" (my big orange baby has a terrible tummy).  I kept getting coupons for beyond but I wanted them to try it before I buy it.
Try it they did.  If you can tell from the blurry picture above, someone decided to have a taste.  I found this bag on the kitchen floor with multiple puncture wounds (and two fat cats close by).

Have you gotten anything free (or really cheap) lately?  Do your pets eat fancy food too? I hope I'm not the only one....

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