Thursday, April 28

hop to it!

I know it's a little late, but I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend.  Ours was a busy, fun, family-filled frenzy of activity. The Man's folks always have a big family meal on holidays, and this past Sunday was no exception.  I was delegated the task of providing a little something sweet. I made a batch of lemon bars (not too good in my opinion-- I'll try them again, this time from scratch) and this little layer cake.

I couldn't resist making a cake because I had the perfect topper. My friend Casi sent me this tutorial, and it was so simple, I had to try! The nest is just made from melted butterscotch chips, rice noodles, and cadbury mini-eggs.
We also made some baskets for the Man's folks and the Sister and her fiance.
I love Peeps, and wanted to do something different with them.  Thanks to some lollipop sticks on clearance at Kroger, I ended up with Peeps pops.  They're not nearly as cute as these, but it was enough to satisfy my "this could be cuter" craving.

Now for a few more gratuitous cake shots:

I loved this frosting recipe I used, it still needs a little tweaking-- but it ended up being a light and airy, but still thickly sweet buttercream.

And finally, a little surprise for the inside, inspired by one of my favorite bloggers.

Oh, how could I forget?

What's a baking post without a little FailCake?  I had intended on having a 6 layer cake in blue, pink and purple.  However, my blue layer completely FELL.  Oh well, I added a generous dollop of frosting to the cakey sink-hole and we have a perfect "sorry I over committed us once again on a holiday weekend and freaked out because we didn't have any eggs in the house, but i mean really who doesn't have eggs in the house at Easter, but still ..sorry I cried so much and made you all worried and go to the grocery store at the last minute" cake for the Man.

Did you bake anything for Easter? 
How many Peeps and chocolate eggs have you consumed over the past week?

Too many to say? Yeah, me too.


Rachel said...

that is hilarious i love the whispers of i'm sorry...made my morning and made me feel not so bad about my own overcommitment.

Eva @ the nerdy nest said...

I'm just glad that, for now.. cake still works. Especially seeing how this Mother's Day weekend has been non-stop, and we're only halfway through. If you're keeping count, I'm at about two apology cakes so far this week! :)