Monday, March 14

mini bundt brownies

During part of the clean-up and clear out yesterday, Sassy Grandma decided that I needed a new Bundt pan ...or three, or four.... 
 I was most intrigued by this mini pan, or is it a jello mold?
 Although she claims to have had it for years (much like her Maneshewitz!), she can't remember how it landed in her cupboards. Most likely, she thought she might have picked up at a thrift store.
It's an alumnium pan, so it's quite lightweight. More than anything, I love the shape!  
I didn't exactly measure, but it seems to be about 9 inches in diameter and only about 3 inches deep.  Pretty unusual compared to a standard Bundt pan.
I have so many ideas for how to use my new pan.. but since it's a weeknight--a quick batch of from-a-box brownies will have to do.

Hopefully the Man won't mind too much...

1 comment:

Rachel said...

cute, my new obsession is homemade peanutbutter cookies, super wasy and oh so tasty when i'm feeling like a girl. jon could eat a whole plate full.