Sunday, April 24

a strawberry surprise

After seeing my attempt at the heart cake in February, the Man decided I needed to try my hand at a strawberry-lemonade cake.  I followed pretty much the same process, making my layers out of lemon cake and making a few strawberry cuppies for the filling.

I was sure to freeze the lemon layers, and proceded to cut a hole out of the center of the two middle layers.  I scooped a circle out of the bottom layer, still leaving enough to keep the cake whole at the very base. 

I was careful to only frost the layers on the outside of the cylinder and then it was time to make the filling.

A little cream cheese frosting and some strawberry crumbs later...
If you notice, there is a can of cream cheese frosting in the background-- no home-made frosting for this cake.  I was baking at about 1:00 in the morning, and "from scratch" was no longer in my vocabulary!
I added a quick crumb coat.  It also helps to hold an extra-moist cake like this together.

The outside wasn't too pretty, I was playing around with a new technique and ran out of frosting.  Besides, I had a few hungry gamers to feed.

It turned out alright.  It could use some refining, but not too bad for throwing something together out of leftover batter.
The "menfolk" seemed to enjoy since there wasn't much left the next day. Sometimes, that's better than a perfectly frosted, beautiful cake anyway!

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