Friday, March 18


I'm a total basketcase.

No seriously, I am.

I heart them.  I have too many of them.  I can't part with them.  The Man teases me relentlessly about my love of baskets.  I have to resist them when I'm out shopping.  And most of the time.. I.. simply.. can't.

Baskets are the perfect storage solution.  They are pretty, versatile, and can disguise (and contain) many piles of assorted stuff.  It was decided a while back, in a friendly debate-- that I should count how many baskets I have packed into our nest.

Let's take a brief tour of my basketcase-ery.

Keep in mind, I just focused on the "woven" basket variety.
Does that picture make you happy?  Are you also a basketcase? 
I can't stop smiling.. I just love 'em!

The best part is, that I use every single one of them.  For storing things like:
Christmas cooking paraphanalia
 wine/party glasses
assorted chips and munchies (yes, those are cheesy-poofs)
my sprinkle stash for cupcakes
library books that need to be read/returned
laundry that needs to be washed/folded
my magazine stash
the Man's cords, cables, and controllers
other baskets?
picture frames
batteries and plug-ins
off season linens and throws
the Man's random pocket treasures
brushes, lotions, and hair rubber bands
and our first aid kit.

Even better is that most of them were bought at a yard sale, thrift store, or were hand-me-downs.  One came from the side of the road, and another was a suprise craigslist find. I admit to picking up a few at IKEA, but even still--we're talking pretty cheap.

In total, I had 21 woven baskets (pictured above) and
46 baskets
in all. 
[That's not including bins or storage containers.  In my opinion, bins are a completely different category.]

Are you a basketcase?


Krissy said...

I'm a basket case when it comes it the Evil Overlord in Training's room. There's 6 baskets in there. Then I got another one to put books he has so many books, they don't fit in it!

I love the look of baskets. They make things not look so messy!

Eva @ the nerdy nest said...

That's one of my favorite things about them-- you can just stash things in willy-nilly and still look a little like "Better Homes and Gardens!"