Sunday, March 27

splendidly spring

For my friends where it's snowy, I'm sorry.

For those of us here in the South-- it's been a gorgeous past few days.  Sunny and warm with a breeze.
Perfect except for the pollen and a few spring-y showers.
Last weekend the Man and I spent a good bit of time working outside in the yard trying to determine if it was just the weeds growing, or if we might actually have some grass under all the dandelions.  We (and by we, I mean he) also worked on prepping a space for some tomato plants!!

I shouldn't be this excited, but I am ridiculously super-pumped to try my hand at some seriously home grown tomatoes.  Hopefully, I'll have some of my Dad and Sweet Grandma's mad-green-thumb-skills.  She could grow tomatoes all the way into December, and he has grown some about as big as grapefruit. 

In the meantime, I realized that I have yet to share my Spring mantle.  I'd like to add some touches of hot pink as we for April and maybe add in a few more flowers, but for March I'm liking the green and cream scheme.
It's a lot of the same- corkboard, two mirrors, and cream candle pillars.  I added in some of my Sweet Grandma's green glassware (a measuring cup and dessert dish) as well as a neat wire bucket/basket from a yard sale last summer.  I also hope to plant something in that larger cream crock, but for now it's a little sad and empty.

The wreath isn't as full as I hoped, but it's not too shabby for being about 6 years old.  I had also hoped to make a pom-pom garland, but I guess I'll save that for another time. This month has just FLOWN past..

What I am completely LOVING is the green polka dot ribbon.  My friend Ashley used it on a coffee filter wreath a while back and I knew then that I would be copying her look. 
The ribbon is on a spool at Wal*Mart (I know, I know... I try to avoid going there) for $2.  I made a special trip and will be going back to pick up more.  It's a great width and so cheery!

In all, three cheers for spring, tomatoes, and polka dot ribbon!

What is something you're cheering about this time of year?

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