Monday, March 21

lemongrass & thyme?

I've been trying to make an effort to be more green around the house (in baby steps, nothing too drastic).  I had a great coupon off some Seventh Generation cleaning products and was in need of some cleaning wipes.

May I just say that cleaning wipes are one of my favorite time savers for cleaning our bathrooms?  I know they can be wasteful, but I've tried using microfiber cloths and in my opinion-- the wipes did a better job.

So I tried out the Seventh Generation disinfecting wipes.  They were supposed to smell like lemongrass and thyme.   I've never smelled lemongrass and thyme specifically, but I am not a fan.  The wipes smelled worse than my dirty bathrooms.  Seriously.  They were bad. Really, really, bad. Almost like in a cartoon where the stinky lines impishly curl around the source. 

I used them because I stubbornly did not want to buy more wipes until I had run out.  Still, I can't say I would buy them again. 

Just be warned. 
If you're going green (or even just trying a new product) give it a whiff first. 
My sniffer wishes I had.

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