Thursday, March 24

bitty blogiversary and a compendium of cakery

It has officially been one year since I first posted on the nerdy nest.  I want to thank those of you who've actually been following this little journey of mine.  It makes my day to see a comment or even when I see that another friend has found me out on the interwebs.  So, thank you!
I do plan on having a mini-partay at the nerdy nest tonight (the Man just doesn't know it yet!), but since I just realized today that it had been one year... I thought I'd do a little collection of cakery for you all in lieu of an actual celebration.  Because really, what is a birthday without cake?

let the sugar rush begin...

white chocolate dipped fortune cookies and strawberry cupcakes

pecan praline cake with a caramel cream cheese frosting

lemon cuppies for a co-worker's baby shower

"crayfish" red velvet cupcakes for the Man's birthday

strawberry jar cake (failcake) with cream cheese frosting mixed in

lemon and strawberry cupcakes en mass

my favorite cupcake liners, love them!
my rose cake (with an attempted heart inside) made from white and red velvet cake and a new buttercream recipe

an eight layer lemon cake with Sweet Grandma's cream cheese frosting
Those are a few cakes from the kitchen of the nerdy nest this past year,
it's certainly been sweet to say the least!


Dianne a.k.a. Dear Mother said...

Ah.... such a talented daughter. BTW, since you won't be mommysitting a grouchy, helpless loved one fresh out of knee surgery, will you bake me a special birthday cake this year???

Eva @ the nerdy nest said...

I'm sure I can come up with something. :) Any special requests?