Tuesday, March 8

let's go sailing!

Did you just envision a gorgeous coastline, the canvas sails whipping in the wind, as the frothy ocean waves lap at the sides of a polished wooden deck?  Perhaps you saw yourself reclining, basking in the sun as your crisp navy and white striped cardigan set fluttered in the wind, as you peered over the surrounding sea through your fashionably oversized designer sunglasses?

No-- just me, then?  -sighs-

Okay, let me clarify.  Maybe sale-ing is the better spelling in this context.  Because truthfully the scene was more like this:  surprisingly chilly Saturday morning, Samantha the GPS guiding the way, a Hardee's biscuit for the road, and a gaggle of bargain-hungry shoppers milling about in a stranger's yard.  In the South, the first semi-warm weekend signals the start of Yard Sale season.

I had initially planned on going to a friend's sale, and a large community sale a few Saturday's ago.  I hit both and made a few stops along the way.  One of the most memorable sales was at what I will lovingly call a McMansion.  It was in a wealthy neighborhood between Auburn and Opelika.  You could hardly find a place to park along the road.  I would estimate that there were probably 40 to 50 people there, at least. It was madness!!

It was a moving sale and people were clamoring from room to room to find a deal and guard their piles of steals.  For me, I found a few things-- a book I've been wanting, an interesting notebook, and a funny surprise for a friend of mine.  I wish I had thought to take pictures of this sale.  It was a little overwhelming to say the least.

Then I ventured to the NIE (Newspapers in Education) yardsale that was hosted by our local newspaper.  I didn't find anything huge (I know the Man was happy about that!)-- but I did score some great deals on some fun home decor stuff:

  • two mini mirrors that would be cute in a gallery wall (or maybe as coasters?)
  • a bag of faux apples (for $1!!) that I think will be perfect for an early fall mantle
  • a bag of decorative orbs in green (also for $1!) that are going in my IKEA hurricane for now
  • another basket-- addicted, can't help it
  • a few books
  • an awesome HUGE grapevine wreath (not pictured, it's still in the car)
  • my lovely pink peony wreath-- it needs a little love, but I can't help but smile when I see it
  • two urn planters (also still in the car) that need some serious TLC but have tons of potential

How do you like them apples? er..those apples?
Most of these finds came from one person-- it's always fun when I run into someone who has similar tastes and it is even better when they're willing to negotiate on prices.  Overall, I think I spent about $20.  More than I intended, but not too bad for breakfast plus a day of shopping.  Now if only I can stay out of the thrift stores and other people's yards for the rest of the month. 

Well.. at least until March 26th when my friend Casi is hosting a sale to raise money for a Breast Cancer walk.  It's supposed to be at TAGS Gift shop (in the Valley, I think) from 5:30am-2:00pm.

Yeah, I doubt I'll be an early bird for that one.  Maybe I'll see you there?  How does noonish sound?

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