Sunday, August 21

a six dollar splurge

It's been a while since I last went yard sale shopping in an effort to save a little extra money.  I've been avoiding the temptation... at least, until the Man had to work on a Saturday and I was awake in time to hit a few sales before taking my car to the shop. I couldn't resist.

For the first few stops, I didn't find much.  I lucked out when I came across this cute leggy table.
It's a great size, solid wood.. with some fantastic details. It could use some TLC and maybe a fresh stain or coat of paint.

I love the woven inset, and the price couldn't be beat--- a whopping one dollar. $1!

I also fell in love with this funky mirror. I've always loved round mirrors, and even though I'm not sure where I'll put it.  It's fairly lightweight for the size which is a plus.
I think the woven texture is pretty neat and will look great painted in a gloss white, or possibly black. I bargained with the seller and finally got it to $5.00.  It's more than I'd normally pay, but I think for the size it was a pretty good price.

What are some of your latest thrifty finds?
See what other awesome stuff people have been finding!  I've linked up to:
(who was in Auburn this weekend and found some great stuff at my local haunts!)

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Mike DeVore said...

Both are awesome. I'll double your money if you let me have them. :)