Saturday, August 6


It may seem like there hasn't been much going on at the nerdy nest, but we've been prepping for some big changes.  Or at least, big to us. 
It's been almost a year since we tackled redoing the kitchen and painting our kitchen, livingroom, and hall.  After about 5 months of chaos due to our drawn-out kitchen update, the Man decreed a moratorium on home improvement projects.  In that time we've just been plugging along with home maintenence and making small tweaks with decor. But I've been patiently waiting to tackle some of our other rooms.

I mentioned brainstorming my office updates, but that's going to be a drawn out project since I'm waiting on the perfect furniture to define the space.  However, we have a few other rooms that are desperate for some updates.  The previous homeowners had very different tastes when it comes to color choices.  They preferred a yellowish beige-y brown.  In almost ALL the rooms. 

As you can remember from our living room, it takes me a few tries to decide on a color.    I want things to flow throughout the house, so I've been trying variations on my favorite color Glidden's Antique Silver (color matched to Behr).

In the kitchen, we lightened the color by 50% and I thought that might help to brighten our dark guest bathroom [the swatch on the left] and then darkened Antique Silver by 75% to try it a little more bold [the swatch on the right].   The swatches don't read true to color because the lighting in the guest bath is miserable.  Plus, you can see the lovely yellow/beige/brown underneath.  I'll probably try the swatches again once we've primed and make a final decision (or get more paint samples!)

We decided to mix things up for the master bedroom and try a few different colors....

From left to right: Smokey Charcoal, Blue Grey Slate, Antique Silver (darkened 75%), more Blue Grey Slate, Smokey Charcoal (lightened 50%) and Blue Grey Slate (again).
We wanted to go darker in here, and the Man is a big fan of dark, bold colors.  We both love blue and after looking at about 300 paint chips, we gravitated towards Glidden's Smokey Charcoal and Blue Grey Slate if you couldn't tell by the swatches above.
We'll be using the Blue-Grey Slate in the bedroom.  In our lighting, it reads as more of a deep navy which I'm really excited about. 
I love the pairing of navy with crisp white trim and linens. 
For the master bath and closet, we'll use the Smokey Charcoal to mix things up a little bit (and brighten up the darker spaces without being too drastic from the Slate color in the bedroom.)

I was a little hesitant to go for such a dark color, but now that I see the swatches on the wall-- I'm loving it and can't wait to get the room painted!
I think the colors all work pretty well together...
Do you gravitate towards certain colors?

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